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Online Healthcare Transition Course for professionals goes LIVE!

screenshot of the SBH Scotland Healthcare Transitions Online Course

SBH Scotland believe one of the most important solutions for improving the transition from paediatric to adult healthcare is education. Therefore, we've created a course aimed at healthcare professionals about the ins and outs of transition.

Through our transition project we've discovered there is a lack of knowledge and understanding in the healthcare system about transition; specifically, transition planning, transition policy, the rights of young people, and about use of appropriate communication strategies based on the age, mental health and cognitive abilities of young people with complex conditions. This leads to inconsistencies in transition which result in a negative experience for young people.

There are correlations between negative experiences of transition, ill-health and reduced wellbeing. This is because we are seeing young people and their families shy away from healthcare, causing preventable complications with their health to occur.

We would like to see all young people achieving a successful and supportive transition which sets them up to thrive in adulthood.

About the Course

This course was created by SBH Scotland’s Clinical, Research and Innovation team, with support from a steer group including members from the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland, NHS Inform and Glasgow Caledonian University. The team developed their knowledge of the transition process and compiled relevant resources to make it easier for healthcare professionals to access.

The course:

  • Takes around four hours to complete and would be a valuable asset to any healthcare professional who engages with the transition process or young people approaching transitioning age.
  • Offers an in-depth analysis of the different stages of transition and asks learners to consider their role in this process. The course promotes a person-centred and holistic approach to transition with transition planning taking place as early as possible in the young person’s journey towards adulthood.
  • Aims to improve transition and ensure that every young person has a successful transition to adult healthcare services.

Access the course HERE

More about ‘Transition’

‘Transition’ is the process of moving from paediatric to adult healthcare services for young people with complex conditions and their families and/or carers. This process can be challenging at a time when a young person is growing older and gaining more independence. The age for transition tends to be when the young person is between 15 and 19 years old, however some young people experience it before or after this time. Quite often the process will begin when the young person is not ready. We have concerns about the effect that this will have on the young person as they develop into an adult. In 2014, SBH Scotland published a report highlighting that the lack of planning before moving from paediatric to adult healthcare (transition) placed significant burden on unpaid carers (Levy et al 2014). The study also warned that leaving young people without the continued support they may need put them at risk of not reaching their full potential. Therefore, to tackle this we are keen to encourage bettered education and planning of the process in young people, families and healthcare professionals.

SBH Scotland would like preparation for this process to begin when the young person is around 14 years old and take place for around two years before they are transferred across services. This is based on ARC Scotland’s ‘Principles of Good Transitions 3’ which advocates for transition planning to be supported between the ages of 14 and 25. Taking this support up to the age of 25 means that transition readiness can be taken into account and that continued support can be offered post-transition. Furthermore, it has been found that 90% of parents and carers are unaware of their being any transition plan in place for their child (ARC Scotland figure). A single plan with a single contact assigned to assist with the transition journey would help to address this. Our course takes learners through transition planning and suggests ways in which the process can become more consistent and person-centred.

Take the course!

As an organisation we are ‘there for the journey’ and therefore are working to improve our own transition support. However, we are advocating for more empathy and consistency in the transition process within the healthcare system. We encourage healthcare professionals, or anyone wanting to learn more about the transition process, to take the course and join us in pushing for successful transition.

Access the course HERE

Other Useful resources:

More resources for healthcare professionals

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SBH Scotland to receive a share of £1.2million funding from ScottishPower Foundation

SBH Scotland member in art workshop

SBH Scotland will receive a share of almost £1.2 million funding from the ScottishPower Foundation, which supports incredible projects that make a positive impact on people and communities across the country.

This year’s Foundation-funded projects – which support art and culture, education and empowerment, citizenship and society, and biodiversity and climate change – were selected on the basis of the significant and lasting contributions they will make to society, while enhancing people’s quality of life.

Almost £9.2 million has been awarded to successful charities since the Foundation was established in 2013.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland’s ‘Tools for Transition’ programme will provide support, advice and advocacy to children aged 0-18 with spina bifida hydrocephalus facing the transition from nursery to primary and primary to secondary school thanks to its £38,419 funding. A bespoke programme of support will be delivered including school talks, continence support, and finance and benefits advice for parents to ensure that children with spina bifida/hydrocephalus have the best possible start in life.

Melanie Hill, Executive Officer and Trustee at the ScottishPower Foundation, said: “Once again, we were overwhelmed by the extraordinary work being delivered in our communities – day in and day out – and we’re very proud to support this year’s charities. The ScottishPower Foundation is committed to supporting projects that make a hugely positive impact on people’s lives and that’s what these organisations do in abundance.

“From improving education to promoting environmental protection and enhancing lives, the charities we’re supporting this year are doing truly transformative work.

“We know that throughout these challenging times, people are relying on the support of charities more than ever before, and with the help of the ScottishPower Foundation, this year’s projects can go further and make a difference for more people.”

Deborah Roe, Director of Fundraising at Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland, said: “SBH Scotland is delighted to receive a grant from the ScottishPower Foundation to provide education support, advice and advocacy to children and young people with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. Children and young people facing the transition from nursery to primary and secondary school will be offered a bespoke programme of support including school talks, continence support and finance & benefits advice for parents; ensuring that children have the best possible start in life.

“Lockdown has been an extremely challenging period for the families we support, with schools and respite services remaining closed until recently. We are extremely grateful to the ScottishPower Foundation, whose support will allow us to provide life-changing education support services across Scotland. Thank you!”

The ScottishPower Foundation was established in 2013 to make a significant and lasting contribution to society, enhancing the lives of people living in communities throughout the UK. It provides funding to help support the advancement of education, environmental protection, arts and culture and citizenship. It also supports charities who aim to provide relief from poverty, disability, or other disadvantages.

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