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Bring IT On

The Bring IT On project is a new transition service aiming to make a difference to the way in which young people move, or transfer over, from paediatric to adult health services in Scotland.

It will put the young person firmly in the driving seat by developing a Person Centred Record which they will be able to access from the internet at home.

The content of this record will be decided by the young person and will include key information on recent appointments, diagnostic results and anything which is the young person feels will help them to self manage their condition.

We will help the young person to focus on health and well being and to look forward to adolescence and adulthood in a healthy, positive way.

The service is supporting young people aged 11 years and above. The young person will be supported as they begin to think about transition. We will also work with older young people who are at the point of transferring over to adult services.

The service will also take advantage of all current social networking and web based technologies, to make it appealing, compelling and intuitive to everyone who engages in the project.

To find out more or to take part please call 03455 211 300 or email us.

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