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Support for adults

How can we help?

Having access to the right advice and support can help ease the stress of daily living.

Currently over 3500 members across Scotland benefit from access to our helpline that puts them in direct contact with a Support Worker. This is a professional service staffed by our Direct Services Team.

Every individual or family situation is unique and therefore requires unique support but our primary services include:


We can provide information and advice on health related issues such as continence and mobility and liaise with health professionals such as consultants, continence and pain management advisors.


Advice and information is available on such topics as college or university courses, student grants, your rights, and disability discrimination.


We can help if you have to apply for house adaptions, or need to move to more suitable housing.

Financial assistance

We can apply for grants on your behalf for assistance with the cost of such things as holidays, clothing and bedding.


We provide information and advice on mobility issues and the sourcing and purchasing of specially adapted equipment including cars and wheelchairs.


There are some specific benefits you will be entitled to and we can assist with completing the applications.


If you would like someone to accompany you to a hospital visit, or other meeting, we would be happy to do so. At other times you may just like to know what your rights are. We are also happy to provide information to colleges, universities, or employers.

Social needs

Advice and information on planning for the future, building personal relationships or responding to social barriers that may be encountered.

Leisure and recreation

We have various activities and groups running in certain parts of Scotland. In all other areas we're happy to research and signpost you to activities in your area.

Health checks

Our Nurse is able to carry out a detailed health check including weight, height and urinalysis. She will also be able to provide information and advice on diet, skin care, continence management, relaxation techniques and stress management.

Call us about spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus on 03455 211 300 or email – we can help.

Both home or hospital visits may be arranged.

At times when a Support Worker is not available please leave a message on the answering machine and all messages will be responded to by the next working day.

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