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Dress Up to Donate

Want to get out of your tracksuit or pyjamas for an hour or two? Do you like the idea of a dress up day at home? Then why not Dress Up to Donate for SBH Scotland.

During Coronavirus lockdown we're creating fun, new ways for individuals and families to get involved and help SBH Scotland. Ideas which will be vital in helping SBH Scotland continue essential information and support services to our most vulnerable members across Scotland.

family dress up in fancy clothing during lockdown for SBH Scotland

It's simple!

  1. Get yourself, and/or those you live with, dressed up. Be as fancy or as silly as you like!!
  2. Make an Online Donation if you can. Any amount is gratefully received.
  3. Take a photo and email it in - we'll then share on our social media channels at the end of each week. (This stage is optional*)

So, take that wedding dress out of mothballs, pull out that prom dress, let the kids be superheroes or let your Tux shine! However you decide to dress up, we want you to get involved. Join us in Dressing Up and Donating for SBH Scotland.

Dress Up and Donate HERE

* By sending in your images you are giving SBH Scotland permission to share across all of their social media channels. If this is not the case please indicate in your email to us. Images may also be used in future marketing.


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