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Sign up to SBH Scotland for a healthy challenge this February!

Craig Houston after running the Great Scottish Half Marathon for SBH Scotland.

It's February, and people are already letting their new years resolutions of better health and fitness fall by the wayside! However a guaranteed way to continue with your health goals is to set yourself a challenge and stick to it. At SBH Scotland we're always delighted at the number of people who choose to walk, roll, stroll and run for us throughout the year and by signing up to an event it means a date is set and a plan of action can be put into place.

This February we're asking everyone to join our team and sign up to an event for SBH Scotland. We can offer support throughout your fitness journey with us and we are always on hand for any questions you may have. If you want to take part in a challenge contact our team by email or call Lynsey on 03455 211 600.

This month we'll be featuring some of those fundraising heroes who have already taken part in a sponsored fitness challenge for us so please make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook.

In the meantime Craig Houston-Haynes, who has taken part in the Great Scottish Run Festival for us an amazing 3 times, has emailed in his top running tips for taking part in a race.

My advice is for a half marathon

  • Definitely you need to have put in the miles and trained for it - ask yourself have you done enough?Work to one of the many training plans that are available online for your level of running experience - these are invaluable
  • Be hydrated the week leading up to the race - drink sips often and not try and drink it all on the day of the race...I've done that and you end up needing to pee every half an hour! Not comfortable or fun especially with toilets spread out every 4 miles or so!
  • Don't start too fast and get caught up with those who sprint off too fast. For the first few km/miles start slow! And tell yourself to slow down because you probably are still running too fast at this part of the race. It allows you to get into a momentum and not run out of energy half way through the race and struggle in the last few miles.
  • I took all these on board and knocked 10 minutes of my best time so it works.
  • Finally, Enjoy the day and fun round about you. It is such an achievement and the feeling you get when you finish is just brilliant - then go and enjoy that well deserved pint!

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