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Healthcare Transition Course

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SBH Scotland is advocating for an improvement of the transition from paediatric to adult healthcare for young people with complex conditions, such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus. We have created a set of educational resources which will help to improve knowledge of the process in young people, families and healthcare professionals including a course aimed at healthcare professionals.

We believe that increasing understanding and knowledge of the transition journey will create space for more empathy towards young people and families going through the process. The course has been reviewed by a range of healthcare professionals who have expressed that it holds great value in developing knowledge of transition in the healthcare system.

screenshot of the online course for healthcare professionals

The Course

This course is designed for degree level healthcare practitioners who want to learn more about transition for individuals with complex conditions such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus (SB/H). Included in this course is an overview of transition from paediatric to adult healthcare as it currently stands, what the role of a healthcare professional is with regards to transition, what are the rights and responsibilities with regards to everchanging legislation and finally, how can we ensure readiness and resilience prior to transition. The intended learning outcomes are below.

Following completion of this course individuals will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of transition for individuals with complex conditions such as SB/H
  • Exhibit critical awareness of the role of the healthcare professional in the transition process and reflect on their own practice in this area
  • Evaluate the implications of changes in legislation on practice and use this to reflect on their own practice
  • Exhibit critical awareness of current resources, literature and legislation concerning transition from paediatric to adult-centred healthcare and the implications for practice
  • Identify and use key legislation and policy relevant to achieving successful transition for young people
  • Communicate findings and share resources with peers in and out of the workplace

The course can be accessed HERE. Please NOTE: Once you have entered the page and click ‘Create new account’ button at the bottom of the screen. From here you will be sent an email with a link. Click on this link and it will lead you back to the site where you can enroll into the course by clicking on the course option.

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