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Do you need support or guidance on transitioning (or moving through) healthcare services? We discuss transitions below as well as having dedicated web pages focusing on available resources. For any further information please contact us.

What is Transition?

‘Transition’ is the process when a young person with a complex condition such as spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus has to move from child-focused (paediatric) healthcare to adult-focused healthcare.

  • Most people transition to adult healthcare in Scotland between the ages of 14-16
  • Sometimes it will be a very quick process and other times there will be a slow transfer of clinics and services
  • A lot of Young People and their families/carers find the process quite frustrating and confusing – they say that there is not enough planning and support for them through the transition
  • Sometimes people feel that services such as health care, social care, education and housing do not work together enough to make the process easier
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Our Transition Project

SBH Scotland has been concerned about how transition has affected our service users and we managed to receive funding from The Burdett Trust for Nursing so that we could work on our very own project.

This project aimed to:

  • Push for improvement in the transition process;
  • Use the experiences of our service users to improve the transition;
  • Create an educational boardgame that could be used by families to learn about transition;
  • Teach healthcare professionals about transition; and
  • Create ‘digital stories’ where our service users could share their experiences

We have created digital stories named ‘Our Voices’, a boardgame named ‘Young Heroes Team’ and an online course about transition. Click the buttons below to find out more.

Further resources and information is available for:

Read our Report to The Burdett Trust For Nursing

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With thanks to The Burdett Trust for Nursing

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Transitions in Healthcare - A Boardgame

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