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Young Heroes Team Game

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Young Heroes Team is a game about growing up with complex healthcare needs, transitioning from child to adult healthcare services and building resilience.


Play together as a team to build up resilience points for all of your adventurers! Each Young Hero must cross the 15+ point finish line. Leave no adventurer behind!

About this game

Developed in collaboration with young people with complex healthcare needs, and their carers, who shared their experiences and steered developments. This game focuses on talking together about each of the cards, the hurdles that could be faced when changing healthcare services, and how these can be overcome or solved with the help of your team, tools, communication, and buddies. Play together as a group to help build each Journey (a line of cards) for the Young Heroes transitioning from child and family focused services to adult services. Talk through each card together to decide which Young Hero is best suited to handle or be helped by the card. Discuss the impacts and possible solutions raised by the cards and how they can help the Young Heroes. Before playing, read through the instructions together, have a look at the examples of play, and take time to look through the different Life Event, Hurdle, Star, and Buddy cards.

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